astropy_healpix.healpix_to_xyz(healpix_index, nside, dx=None, dy=None, order='ring')[source]

Convert HEALPix indices (optionally with offsets) to Cartesian coordinates.

If no offsets (dx and dy) are provided, the coordinates will default to those at the center of the HEALPix pixels.

healpix_indexint or ndarray

HEALPix indices (as a scalar or array)

nsideint or ndarray

Number of pixels along the side of each of the 12 top-level HEALPix tiles

dx, dyfloat or ndarray, optional

Offsets inside the HEALPix pixel, which must be in the range [0:1], where 0.5 is the center of the HEALPix pixels (as scalars or arrays)

order{ ‘nested’ | ‘ring’ }, optional

Order of HEALPix pixels

x, y, zfloat or ndarray

The Cartesian coordinate components