astropy_healpix.healpix_to_lonlat(healpix_index, nside, dx=None, dy=None, order='ring')[source]

Convert HEALPix indices (optionally with offsets) to longitudes/latitudes.

If no offsets (dx and dy) are provided, the coordinates will default to those at the center of the HEALPix pixels.

healpix_indexint or ndarray

HEALPix indices (as a scalar or array)

nsideint or ndarray

Number of pixels along the side of each of the 12 top-level HEALPix tiles

dx, dyfloat or ndarray, optional

Offsets inside the HEALPix pixel, which must be in the range [0:1], where 0.5 is the center of the HEALPix pixels (as scalars or arrays)

order{ ‘nested’ | ‘ring’ }, optional

Order of HEALPix pixels


The longitude values


The latitude values